Neighbourhood crime has increased by almost a quarter across County Durham and Darlington. 

Figures released by the Durham Police and Crime Commissioner show a 24 per cent rise in offences under the ‘neighbourhood’ category, with vehicle crime and burglaries being the most common. 

Neighbourhood crime is composed of robbery; residential burglary; theft; and vehicle crime. 

The data shows that 4,401 offences were recorded in the first three quarters of 2023/24 and just 560 were resolved, a nine per cent increase from the previous year. There were 3,548 recorded crimes and 514 resolved in Q1-Q3 in 2022/23. 

The overall category of neighbourhood crime has seen an increase in recorded volume between Q2 2023/24 and Q3 2023/24 by 79 crimes/5.2 per cent. Vehicle crime (53 per cent) and residential burglary (40 per cent) accounted for the majority of neighbourhood crime.

Neighbourhood crime figures 

Q1-3 2023/24

Recorded - 4,401

Resolved - 560

Q1-3 2022/23 

Recorded - 3,548 

Resolved - 514

Q1-3 2019/20

Recorded - 5,410

Resolved - 628

Durham police said a “greater emphasis” has been placed on tackling neighbourhood crime and improving local policing, with extra police officers and PCSOs joining teams. 

“Since December 2022, every week, there have been proactive arrests made against those committing crime through Operation Trident – our ongoing work to tackle neighbourhood crime,” a force spokeswoman said. 

“We have some of the best burglary detection rates in the country and since last year the number of burglaries on residential properties has fallen.”

The force said the rollout of home security measures, including free stop locks, has helped dozens of motorists protect their vehicles and homes. 

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It added: “We will always strive to improve on the work we are doing as we know the distress and disruption such incidents cause to victims. We ask everyone to help play their part in preventing crime and keeping ourselves safe from harm – whether it is by ensuring a property or locking your vehicle.

 “We want to make life as difficult as possible for these opportunist thieves.

“But the message is clear, if you commit a crime in County Durham and Darlington you will be relentlessly pursued by our officers.”