A North East software specialists has secured its first major US contract.

n-gage.io is now working with the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in California, which has launched a new mobile app. The top US visitor attraction, that welcomes over 600,000 visitors annually, says it will improve communication, navigation, conservation education and accessibility at the 1200-acre site.

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, which is dedicated to the preservation of world deserts and wildlife,  is renowned not just for its more than 150 animal species but also its 52 gardens that contain over 1,200 plant species.

Led by entrepreneur Bryan Hoare and incubated in County Durham by GCV Labs, n-gage.io aims to transform audience experiences through a highly customisable, data insight driven SaaS platform with an integrated mobile-web application.

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“We're delighted to secure our first US contract with The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens who chose our attraction management software and mobile app following a rigorous selection process,” said Bryan.

“The Zoo and Gardens are renowned for their work around the world, contributing to wildlife conservation for over half a century. We're proud to build on this legacy and provide their visitors with a digital mobile pocket guide that enhances their visit and experiences, and we’re actively looking to help more zoos, wildlife parks and other attractions across the US to transform their approach to digital engagement.”

The Northern Echo: The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in California has launched the app The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in California has launched the app (Image: Living Desert Zoo)

The n-gage.io solution pairs the SaaS platform's highly customisable mobile app with its powerful attraction management software to deliver The Living Desert both the tools and data insights it needs to enhance the visitor experience and communicate with them in real-time.

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens now uses the app as a focal point for visitors, to provide more rich content and media on their habitats and surroundings. Visitors are also feeling the impact of improved navigation, finding their way around habitats, gardens, and other points of interest using n-gage.io's innovative wayfinding solution, which is optimised for both on and offline use.

The team has also introduced its market-leading in-app trails feature, creating experiences around both the Zoo and Gardens, opening up the 1200-acre site for even more exploration.

“We're excited to launch this new app and offer our visitors an enhanced experience," said Allison Krupp, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens.

“We’re always looking for new ways to innovate and enhance our visitor experience. In n-gage.io we found a UK team of dedicated and innovative professionals who have developed a software platform and highly customisable mobile visitor app packed with features that we believe is a game changer for our industry.

“The app is now playing a major role in helping us to achieve our goal of continuing to inspire current and future generations around the importance of conservation. Additionally, we appreciate the multi- lingual features for our global tourism visitors.”