A Darlington business has appealed for support as it applies for outdoor seating as the weather warms up.

T.A.O Asian Street Food and Noodle Bar, located on Blackwellgate in Darlington, has said it hopes to “make the town busier and look better” with the move.

They added they hope residents will support their small business.

They also said they have encountered difficulties from neighbours when trying to open earlier, and will only be able open from 5.30pm to 9pm under the current arrangement.

In a post online, a spokesperson for the business said: “We are currently applying for outdoor seating, we hope can make the town get busier and look better, as well as get more support from customers to our small business.”

“However, we have met some difficulties for opening times with neighbours (which we can’t reach)

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“They only agree us to open from 5.30pm to 9pm (when all the shops are closed)

“We plan to open from 12pm to 9pm when customers can come to town shop and dine.

Is there anyone/customers who can help us to sign a consent letter, helping us to extend the opening times - it would be much appreciated.”