A number of recent dispersal orders put in place in the Netherfields area in Middlesbrough have resulted in arrests after a spate of antisocial behaviour.

The dispersal orders have allowed Cleveland Police officers to ask anyone in large groups suspected to be involved in antisocial behaviour to leave the area around Vaughan shops.

The orders were put in place on Fulbeck Road, Sedgebrook Gardens, Stapleford Road, Midville Walk, Burwell Road, Althorpe Close and Cargo Fleet Lane.

Cleveland police has also imposed the order twice before this year, covering the same area.

The Northern Echo: A number of recent dispersal orders put in place in the Netherfields area in Middlesbrough

A spokesperson for Cleveland Police said: “As a result of increased reports of antisocial behaviour and crime near Vaughan Shops, Middlesbrough, Neighbourhood Team officers have issued a number of recent dispersal orders in the area, including over the Bank Holiday weekend.

“Dispersal orders enable officers to direct a person who has committed, or is likely to commit, antisocial behaviour to leave a specified area and not to return for a specified period of up to 48 hours.

“Those who fail to comply with the direction can be prosecuted, the maximum penalty carries a fine of up to £2,500 and/or three months imprisonment.”

Cleveland Police also confirmed that a total of 25 youths had been ordered to leave the area using dispersal orders powers, and a further 20 youths left the area at the request of officers without having a dispersal order issued.

Arrests have been made from dispersal orders in Middlesbrough, as police revealed, two male youths, aged 12 and 17, were detained.

The 17-year-old was later charged with failing to obey a police direction to leave an exclusion area and is due to appear at Teesside Youth Court on Wednesday, April 17.

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Inspector Steven Pattison from Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We are working closely with our partners to tackle recent increases in both antisocial behaviour and crime in the area around Vaughan Shops, where we have seen some instances of appalling behaviour in the last few weeks, such as members of the public being spat at and verbally abused whilst simply going about their daily business.

“An elderly woman was also narrowly missed by a stone after it was thrown through a car window on Fosdyke Green.

“This kind of behaviour won’t be tolerated by us or partner agencies. We have spoken with a number of parents over the last few weeks about the behaviour of their children and we expect parents to take this on board and work with us to help us challenge these behaviours and take the appropriate action.

“Where there are repeat offenders we won’t hesitate to look at enforcement options, which can include Criminal Behaviour Orders, arrests and looking into tenancy agreements with housing providers.”

Police have advised that anyone concerned about antisocial behaviour or crime or wishes to report an incident in their local area can contact Cleveland Police on 101 or visit www.cleveland.police.uk