HERSHEY is a town in Pennsylvania which was founded in 1903 by “candy magnate” Milton S Hershey to house people who worked at his factory producing sweets like Hershey bars.

It was designed as "a perfect American town in a bucolic natural setting, where healthy, right-living, and well-paid workers lived in safe, happy homes”. Its motto is that it is “the sweetest place on earth”, and the streets are illuminated by lights in the shape of the famous Hershey Kisses –conical droplets of chocolate that were first marketed in 1907.

The main street is called Chocolate Avenue. It runs past Hersheypark, a theme park opened by Mr Hershey in 1906 for his employee’s entertainment.

Another street is Cocoa Avenue which runs south until it joins Fishburn Road in the oldest, pre-Hershey part of the settlement. Fishburn Road is very long and at No 1215 is the brick-built Fishburn Methodist Church, which opened in 1845.

The Northern Echo: Fishburn Methodist Church in Hersey, Pennsylvania. Picture: Google StreetViewFishburn Methodist Church in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Picture: Google StreetView

“No matter who you are or where you've been, we hope you feel at home here at Fishburn,” it says. “Wear your jeans, pajama pants, or three piece suit and find a place to worship.”

This is very confusing for those people searching for the brick-built Fishburn Methodist Church in County Durham, which opened in 1846, and which gets no mentions on the internet.

The Northern Echo: Inside the dereliction of what remains on the first floor of the Kings Cinema in 2018Fishburn Methodist Church, County Durham, around 1953, with David Johnson sixth from the left on the back row. Do yoou recognise anyone?

But David Johnson of Bishop Auckland has dropped off a picture of the Fishburn Methodist Church Sunday School on the village green in about 1953.

“My grandfather, Anthony Dodds, was an electrician at Dean & Chapter Colliery in Ferryhill and he was transferred to Fishburn so we became the first to live on the brand new council estate in Heatherdene Road,” he says.

Anthony is sixth from the left on the back row in a smart suit – no pajama pants in Fishburn, County Durham – and he wonders if anyone can spot anyone else.

The Northern Echo: Top: The Fishburn crossroads in the early 1960s
Above: Fishburn Methodist Church in Hersey, Pennsylvania. Picture: Google StreetView
Right: Fishburn Methodist Church Sunday School on the green outside the church around 1953. David Johnson is the sixthFishburn crossroads in the 1960s. On the extreme left is the Methodist church sign which can be seen on the right of David Johnson's 1953 group picture

We reckon the church, which looks to have been built in the 20th Century, closed around 2005 and was demolished for housing. If you can tell us anymore, please email chris.lloyd@nne.co.uk

The Northern Echo: The Fishburn crossroads in the early 1960sFishburn crossroads in the early 1960s with the Methodist church just behind the tree