A total of 325 objections have been lodged against a housing estate of 27 houses on ancient meadows, which objectors have branded 'problematic' and 'unsafe'. 

Campaigners against the site, which is located at Bolton Avenue, near Richmond, believe that the building of the houses would be 'disastrous'.

But the developers of the estate, Langlands Developments, say that they have considered all of the heritage, ecology and traffic issues raised via its planning documents submitted to North Yorkshire Council. 

The Northern Echo: Bolton Avenue in RichmondBolton Avenue in Richmond (Image: PLANNING)

This application, which is the second submission from the developers, is looking to build the estate between Green Howard Road and Bolton Avenue in Richmond, and will be located next to a covered reservoir, if built. 

In its design and heritage statements, Langlands Development says "Due to its form and position the development will have the lowest level of ‘less than substantial harm’ on the significance of heritage assets.

"The extensive range of public benefits, in particular the affordable housing and new pedestrian links, clearly outweighs this less than substantial harm to designated heritage assets."

The Northern Echo: Cars on the cul-de-sac on Bolton AvenueCars on the cul-de-sac on Bolton Avenue (Image: CAMPAIGNER)

If built, the estate, which will be known as Bolton Crofts, will see 27 homes built, alongside pedestrian links, eight affordable houses, and shared green space.

However, campaigners who have objected to the application already - have already highlighted that there are 'errors' in the planning documents.

The Northern Echo: Campaigners argue that the houses would be detrimental to ecologyCampaigners argue that the houses would be detrimental to ecology (Image: CAMPAIGNERS)

According to campaigner Arwen Webb, the development will be on a school-run route, next to a park, and doctors' surgery, with cars parked on the public road forcing single-file traffic.

She said: "Other issues relating to safety and environment is the access onto the site which is a single file pinch point with priority right of way, blocking residents drives, concerns about emissions and general chaos and poor visibility when accessing the development.

"Not to mention the construction of the site - deposits of soil, hardcore etc to make the development work as it will be built into a hill.

"There are already lots of objections on the council portal."

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Alongside all of its other complaints - some objections believe that the housing estate will be visible from Richmond Castle; a claim that Langlands Development have denied.

In its heritage statement, the developers say: "The proposed development will result in a minimal overall impact to the conservation area and the setting of Richmond Castle and the level of harm to heritage significance will be at the lowest end of less than substantial."

Despite the application submitted in August last year, the consultation period for comments expired on Friday, March 29, with the proposal expected to go to North Yorkshire Council's Richmond planning committee.