A homeless, toothless cat is looking for a new home after being found with three seriously injured kittens.

Only one of the ill offspring survived after it’s thought ten-year-old mouser Daisy had attempted to carry her newborn over a spiked metal fence.

The feline family were found in garden in Choppington, Northumberland when they were taken to vets for treatment.The Northern Echo: It's thought Daisy had tried to carry the kittens over this metal fence when they were injured.It's thought Daisy had tried to carry the kittens over this metal fence when they were injured. (Image: RSPCA)

But despite the three kittens – two boys and a girl – being seen by vets after the incident in January and being hand-reared as Daisy was unable to care for them, only one of the males survived.

Daisy is now searching for a loving new home where she can recover after being nursed back to health, and having all of her teeth removed.

The white tabby has put on weight and recovered from sores but had her teeth extracted because of a long-standing dental disease.

The Northern Echo: Daisy, pictured here after her treatment, is now looking for a new home.Daisy, pictured here after her treatment, is now looking for a new home. (Image: RSPCA)

Meanwhile, nine-week-old kitten Murphy is settling into a new home.

RSPCA Inspector Lucy Green said: “We think Daisy was attempting to move her babies to a safe place and tried to lift them over the metal fencing when they sadly became injured. We initially thought she would continue to care for them but it wasn’t to be, and despite everyone’s best efforts only Murphy survived.

The Northern Echo: Murphy the kitten.Murphy the kitten. (Image: RSPCA)

“We’d like to say a huge thank you to the member of the public who spotted Daisy and the kittens and ensured they got veterinary help as quickly as possible, as well as the fantastic team at Vets4Pets in Bedlington for the care they gave the family, especially Rachel who hand-reared two of the kittens around the clock, including Murphy.

“He’s proved to be a little fighter and it’s fantastic to see him going from strength to strength.”

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It is thought Daisy would thrive in an adult-only household with no other pets around.

Luka Atkinson, Deputy Manager at the RSPCA’s Felledge Animal Centre near Chester-le-Street, said: “Now Daisy is fighting fit again, she’s looking for a nice retirement home in a calm and quiet environment where she’ll receive all the love and attention she’s missed out on through years of straying and producing litters of offspring.

“She’s a quiet, sweet-natured cat who’ll make a lovely companion, and even though she’s a little on the mature side, we hope she still has many years ahead of her. She may never have had a family of her own after living on the streets and she really deserves that chance now.”