A new sign has been unveiled near Darlington, demarking the boundaries of the Ridings of Yorkshire. 

The Yorkshire Ridings' Society and the Historic Counties Trust unveiled a sign on April, on the A167 at Croft/Hurworth Bridge near Darlington. 

The sign, on the south bank of the river Tees, is the first is many Ridings boundary signs that are set to be unveiled. 

April 1 was chosen as a significant date, as it marks 50 years to the day since the enactment of the Local Government Act 1972, which was intended only to change the pattern of local government in England and Wales.

The Northern Echo: Campaigner Nigel Wilkin with the new sign.

As a result of this, the Ridings County Councils were abolished along with many other local authorities across the country.

However, campaigners have argued that the Local Government Act "changed the pattern of local government, not alter counties as cultural, geographic and historic places.

"The Ridings of Yorkshire as places with a long history dating back over 1000 years continue to exist to this day."

It is hoped that this new sign will officially mark the North Riding boundary at Croft, remind people of their identity as Yorkshire people and show that Historic Counties coexist today, alongside units of Local Government.

Nigel Wilkin, campaigner from The Yorkshire Ridings Society, said: "We would point out that HCT and the YRS have financed these new signs.

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"The cost has been met entirely by donation with no cost to public finances.

"However, we wish to acknowledge and express our gratitude to North Yorkshire Council for their co-operation, significant help and support to make this project possible.

"The sign at Croft is the first of many signs which will be installed over approximately 12 months.