For many of us, the Easter weekend has been long awaited and we are keen to get out and about and welcome in the Spring after months of grey, cloudy and wet weather. 

Today (Saturday, 30) may be the day to do that following a spell of wet and windy weather, conditions are set to settle across Darlington and the North East as the Met Office predicts sunny spells throughout the day with temperatures reaching a maximum of 13C.

Although temperatures are expected to be slightly higher than average during the day, the evening is set to bring more fog patches with some widespread frost expected overnight. Temperatures are likely to drop to 2C.

The full hour-by-hour forecast for Darlington today


10am: 9C with <5% chance of rain

11am: 10C with <5% chance of rain

12pm: 11C with <5% chance of rain

1pm: 12C with 10% chance of rain

2pm: 12C with <5%chance of rain

3pm: 12C with <5% chance of rain

4pm: 12C with <5% chance of rain

5pm: 12C with <5% chance of rain

6pm: 11C with <5% chance of rain

7pm: 9C with <5% chance of rain

8pm: 8C with <5% chance of rain

9pm: 7C with <5% chance of rain

10pm: 6C with <5% chance of rain

11pm: 5C with <5% chance of rain

Further into Sunday, it's set to be another fine day for many with plenty of sunny spells. A cooler day than Saturday however, especially along coastlines where cloud and an onshore breeze will help limit temperatures. Maximum temperature 12 °C.