Now we're at the Easter weekend - it's tradition to have fish and chips over the weekend.

As part of this, we have rounded up five of the best fish and chip shops to go to in Darlington during that time. 

We have used TripAdvisor and Google Reviews to guide the best shops - including people's first-hand accounts of the venues listed.

Here's what we found:

Yarm Road Fish & Chips

366 Yarm Road, Darlington

Considered one of the best fish and chip shops in Darlington - this place has won a range of awards and always has people wanting to come back time and time again.

Boasting great fish and chips, this will be one of the most popular choices over the Easter weekend in Darlington - but can be classed as one of the best. 

On TripAdvisor and Google reviews, this place scores high.

On TripAdvisor, one impressed reviewer said: "The best fish and chips in Darlington. The staff are always friendly, pleasant and efficient. The fish is cooked to order for you, we usually get large cod lightly battered and it’s excellent, as are the homemade mushy peas."

Barton’s Fish and Chips

26A Longfield Road, Darlington

Another top choice is Barton's, which has been hailed as a "traditional family-run business, good location, excellent staff and loyal happy customers".

This fish and chip shop has excellent reviews online - and it's easy to see why. 

While it doesn't have the amount of top reviews that Yarm Road Fish and Chips has, it does have loyal customers who have reviewed it well online. 

One of these excellent reviews reads: "Regulars here now, we love the fish and chips here! We usually phone for collection and they already know our order. The fish and chips are always cooked to perfection. Friendly staff and great-tasting food."

North Road Fish Bar

158 North Road, Darlington

If you're looking for a fish and chip shop to the north of Darlington and are either passing through or live near here - North Road Fish Bar has got rave reviews online and is a top picks for Easter weekend. 

This fish and chip shop has garnered loads of positive reviews - and has even been sounded out as "the best in Darlington" by faithful fish and chip fans. 

One reviewer online said: "Easily the best chippy in Darlington. Fish are big and freshly dried to order and chips are proper chippy chips."

Thirlmere Chippy

3 Thirlmere Road, Darlington

A proper community-driven fish and chip shop - this place has been noted as a friendly place that serves incredible fish and chips. 

And it appears that many think the same - with reviews online averaging 4.7 stars out of 5. 

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One person who reviewed it highly said: "Can't go wrong with this place, started using it when during lockdown and not looked back, phone order in and then go to collect within about 15 minutes, staff, food and service all excellent."

Cockerton Fisheries

311 Woodland Road, Cockerton

Among one of the best in Darlington - this place always has queues on a Friday, which signals that it's definitely worth a visit.

Served with a friendly smile, people voted this one of the greatest fish and chip shops in the Darlington area - and there's good reason. 

According to one review: "Excellent fish & chips, not overly greasy like most places and fish was light, moist and perfectly cooked. Very meaty gravy and lovely beans, and battered sausage wasn't the usual over-processed hot dog sausage taste."