A new Monopoly board game based on the Dales and described as a 'slice of Yorkshire', has been launched, just in time for Easter.

The Monopoly: Yorkshire Dales Edition game features Dales inspired tokens, including a slab of Wensleydale cheese and a miniature dry-stone wall in place of the traditional, much-loved Monopoly tokens like the Scottie dog and boot. Players can also land on Bolton Abbey instead of Mayfair; and on the Craven Herald, instead of Fleet Street.

Jason Bunn, Britain’s only Monopoly world champion, said of the board: “It’s a real slice of Yorkshire. I have one of the world’s largest collections of Monopoly editions – more than 300 different themes, from Elvis to the Wizard of Oz, but Monopoly: Yorkshire Dales Edition could very well be my favourite now. The game is a shop window into Dales crown jewels.”

Winning Moves UK - an official Monopoly maker – has produced the Yorkshire Dales Edition board game, under license from Hasbro, a leading toy and game company. Winning Moves UK makes Monopoly editions for places all over the world, including high-profile tourist places, such as Palm Beach, Dubai and The Hamptons; and now, the Yorkshire Dales, The board is themed in sets from tourism to heritage, entertainment to leisure, train stations to the great outdoors, and more to reflect the region.

When news of the game was announced last year, people were invited to send in suggestions for landmarks and organisations to be featured in the game. Landing on ‘Mayfair,’ the game’s top-ranking space, is Bolton Abbey. At the other end of the board, ‘Old Kent Road,’ the game’s most affordable square, is Aysgarth Falls, on account of it being a very high-profile historic landmark.

In between, are the great and good of the Dales including Malham Cove, Fountains Abbey, the Devonshire Arms Hotel and Spa – where the official launch took place today (Tuesday) - and Settle Railway Station. In all, more than 30 Dales landmarks and organisations have ‘Passed GO.’

John Keen-Tomlinson, custom games executive at Winning Moves UK, said: “We have been absolutely spoilt with choices when putting this Monopoly game together, including the customised wording on Community Chest and Chance playing cards.

“For example, some players could be penalised for ‘wild camping.’ Whilst others could be rewarded for ‘quality sheepdog trials.’ Very Yorkshire!”

In addition to the squares, all the tokens are customised as well, replacing the traditional Monopoly counters with: a sheep, a miniature of a dry stone wall, a slab of Wensleydale cheese, a pair of walking boots, a cricket bat, and a bicycle.

“The slab of Wensleydale and miniature dry stone wall were almost unanimous choices when we had a public consultation period earlier this year. Both are iconic in the Dales, as are Dalesbred sheep," added Mr. Keen-Tomlinson.

“We threw in the cricket bat because as we toured the Dales we noticed just about every village, however small, seemed to have a cricket pitch.”

He added: “The response from the public to Monopoly: Yorkshire Dales Edition has been overwhelming. A very big thank you to everyone who sent in nominations and congratulations to everyone featured in the game.”

The Monopoly: Yorkshire Dales Edition is available to buy now at Waterstones, House and Homes - and extensively online, including at Booghe.co.uk and Amazon.co.uk.