Fears over tarmac work on a North Yorkshire street following five days of roadworks have been calmed after the company behind it has admitted it is a 'temporary measure'.

Earlier this month, roadworks were undertaken on Zetland Street in Northallerton, which took place from Monday, March 11 and Friday, March 15.

The Northern Echo: The tarmac works on Zetland Street, NorthallertonThe tarmac works on Zetland Street, Northallerton (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

During the works, cars were blocked from using the street and forced to go through High Street or use the A167 East Road, while pedestrians were barred from parts of the paths.

The roadworks, which were carried out by Northern Powergrid, involved ripping up part of the road surface to allow for power works along Zetland Street.

The Northern Echo: The Northallerton tarmac worksThe Northallerton tarmac works (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

During the street work, there was a pile of rubble left on the side of the street and orange fences were erected.

Despite the rubble being put back by Northern Powergrid, concerns about how the roadworks would be carried out and how the road surface would be restored had been raised.

The Northern Echo: Zetland Street, NorthallertonZetland Street, Northallerton (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Back in 2022, it was announced that the Northallerton improvements works were going to cost £700,000, due to developers and builders using "high quality" stone for the works, including on Zetland Street.

After the roadworks, patches of tarmac started to appear on Zetland Street, and residents feared whether the "high quality" stone would be relayed.

While North Yorkshire County Council initially moved to allay concerns about the works, saying that Northern Powergrid will have to replace the surface with "like for like materials" - Northern Powergrid has now issued a statement.

The company has admitted that the tarmac is a 'temporary measure' and the original stone would be laid soon.

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A spokesperson for Northern Powergrid said: “The work on Zetland Street in Northallerton involved upgrading the electricity supply for a local business located on the high street.

“Temporary surfacing was laid to reinstate the pavement for access and we are working with civil contractors for replacement stone, which will replace the temporary surface as soon as it arrives.

“Thank you to local customers and residents for their patience while we wait for the matched stone to arrive and the pavement is reinstated to full completion.”