A first-of-its-kind escape room has opened inside a 14th-century County Durham hotel - giving people an extra-ghostly experience and a unique insight into the venue. 

The new attraction, which is called 'Lily, The Ghost of Lumley' has seen an escape room open at Lumley Castle Hotel.

The Ghost of Lumley originates from the centuries-old story of a woman named Lily Lumley, who was secretly married to Ralph Lumley before he met his wife Eleanor Neville.

The story goes that two priests threw Lily down a well on the castle grounds as punishment for her refusal of the Catholic faith.

The priests then told Ralph that Lily had left to become a nun. Some say the ghost of Lumley floats up from the well and still haunts the castle to this day.

The last notable reported sightings of paranormal activity were from visiting cricket teams in 2005. 

As a result of this paranormal experience, the escape room is ghost-themed and follows a similar path to other escape rooms.

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The escape room will be available Tuesday to Sunday and will cost £15 Per Person.

In an explanation from Lumley Castle Hotel about the escape room, it reads: "Lumley Castle holds a secret.

"For centuries the halls and passageways have been said to be haunted by Lily Of Lumley. You and your team are here to investigate the haunting and solve the mystery. A previous investigator has disappeared, people at the castle speak of an ancient curse and the cries of a young woman can be heard behind the old stone walls.

"Work your way through ancient rooms, find Lily, free her from the curse and Escape a deadly fate!"