Durham residents have been outraged after travellers left rubbish on their new estate when passing through.

The caravans arrived on March 19, just outside of the brand-new Bellway estate in Bowburn.

Residents reported that the travellers partied until late into the night and disrupted the neighbourhood.

Children are believed to have been driving motorised scooters around while screaming and shouting.

Officers from Durham Police and Durham Council attended the encampment following complaints from a number of residents.

Since the travellers have left the area, officers from the council have been clearing the waste and examining it for evidence to potentially prosecute for flytipping.

Alison Kitching, a resident who works for the NHS, said: "They have left bags of rubbish everywhere. There were gas canisters, portable toilers on the path and roads.

"This is a new Bellway development where they are trying to sell houses.

"They got away with anti-social behaviour for two days. I get up at 6am and them partying until 2am impacted my life."

Joanne Waller, Durham County Council’s head of community protection, said: "We received complaints about an encampment at Bowburn and our officers provided a swift response, attending the site with colleagues from Durham Constabulary.

"Officers spoke to those who were encamped and asked them to move on, which they subsequently did, less than 24 hours after arriving.

"Regrettably waste was left which our officers have been examining for any evidence that might enable legal proceedings to be brought against anyone found to have flytipped.

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"In addition, our officers are also having to clear this waste which is a drain on our resources.

"We’d like to thank those people who have taken time out to contact us with their thanks for responding to their complaints so quickly."

Durham Police have been contacted for comment.