A woman who has admitted an assault has denied injecting the victim in the face during the incident.

Defendant Naomi Slater may now face a trial of issue to decide the level of violence on which she can be sentenced in the attack on another woman, on September 29, last year.

The defendant appeared at Durham Crown Court on a committal for sentence, having admitted a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm when she went before magistrates, on January 18.

The Northern Echo:

Judge Jo Kidd asked Slater’s counsel, Helen Towers, about her client’s basis of plea.

Miss Towers said Slater’s account is that she hit the other woman twice, but she denies injecting her with anything or pinning her down during the incident.

Judge Kidd said the basis on which she passes sentence on Slater would probably have to be resolved with a trial of issue (Newton hearing).

She asked Miss Towers: “Does she (the defendant) understand the consequences of me having a Newton hearing and has she been told of the consequences?”

The Northern Echo:

Miss Towers said other people were present and involved in the incident.

“She did strike the complainant to the face on more than one occasion but did not pin her down or inject her in the face.”

Judge Kidd said she would set the case down for a mention next Thursday (March 28) with a view to identifying a date for a trial of issue, after which the defendant would be sentenced.

Martin Towers, for the prosecution, said the defendant’s basis is, “unlikely to be accepted”, by the Crown.

Miss (Helen) Towers (defence) said regardless of the trial of issue outcome, she would be seeking a mental health report prior to sentence as the defendant has, “significant mental health difficulties.”

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Judge Kidd told Slater there would be no need for her to attend the court next Thursday, but her legal team would then inform her of the following court date, at which she must be present.

She told the 21-year-old defendant, of West Chilton Terrace, Chilton, that she could have bail until the next hearing that she will be required to attend.

But the judge made a condition of her bail that Slater must have no contact, directly or indirectly, with the complainant in the case, which includes making any reference to her on social media.