This is the moment a calm Christina Robinson is arrested by police as they told her she was a suspect for her son’s neglect.

Robinson appears relaxed and unphased as she speaks to an officer at University Hospital North Durham shortly after her son Dwelaniyah had died.

For weeks the three-year-old had been in agony from burns she deliberately inflicted, the court heard.

As she speaks to the officer a decision was made to arrest her for neglect over burns she inflicted upon three-year-old Dwelaniyah.

The Northern Echo: Christina Robinson.Christina Robinson. (Image: DURHAM POLICE)

In the video an officer gets little response as he tells the Ushaw Moor mum-of-two: “I’ve got concerns with regards to the burn injuries to your son. Taking it completely separate to what’s happened today to the burn injuries, it’s the assessment of myself (sic) that your son should have had hospital care at that time.

“You are a suspect for the burns and the neglect of your son at that point.

“I’m going to be arresting you now. You’re going to be arrested on suspicion of neglect of your son with regard to the burns.”

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The officer then proceeds to caution Robinson and read her rights.

She was today found guilty of four charges of neglecting her son, including burning him and failing to get him treatment, and murder.

Prosecutors said Dwelaniyah was deliberately immersed in scaling water, burning 15 to 20% of his body – his upper legs, buttocks and genitals.