Motorists endured traffic misery on a three of the main roads into Darlington today (Wednesday) as roadworks take place.

A three-way temporary traffic light was put up at the Burtree Lane junction of the A167, in Harrowgate Village, on the outskirts of Darlington, today.

Traffic coming off the A167 to enter Darlington faced a delays of about 20 minutes with queues of stretching back a couple of miles. The Northern Echo: A167 at Harrowgate Village, Darlington

There were also lengthy delays for traffic leaving Darlington on the A167 and motorists filtering in from Burtree Lane. 

The work, according to Darlington Borough Council's website, includes highway repair and maintenance works with two gullies being replaced. 

A worker at the site said the works would be completed this afternoon. The Northern Echo: A167 at Harrowgate Village, Darlington

Motorists also face delays on the A68, West Auckland Road.

Multi-way signals are for utility repair and maintenance works, as well as to allow investigative works to detect and rectify faults in telecoms equipment. These works are earmarked to end by Monday, March 25.

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The Northern Echo:

There are also ongoing works at Yarm Road, near Aldi and Lidl in Darlington, where there is a lane closure at St John's Crescent.

The road is being excavated to install a new link box, joint new cables and reinstate excavations. Including approx. 10m trench in footway and approx. 1x1 2 joint holes in footway.