Emergency services had to intervene after a man who was involved in a road traffic collision ended up unconscious after trying to arrange his own transport to hospital.

Emergency services were called to an address in Northallerton at 5pm on Saturday (March 16), following reports of an unconscious man. 

After arriving on the scene, fire crews found a man passed out.

It's believed that the man had been involved in a crash earlier in the day and had tried to arrange his own lift to hospital. 

However, he went unconscious before he got to the hospital. 

Firefighters and other emergency services had to help lift the man out of a vehicle and onto a spinal board, before leaving him in the care of paramedics.

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A spokesperson for the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "Northallerton and Bedale crews attended a Hospital to assist with a casualty who had arranged his own transport to the hospital following a road traffic collision and had a head injury as a result.

"The male went unconscious on arrival at hospital.

"Hospital staff were unable to get the male out the car so crews assisted with stabilising and moving the male from the car and onto the spinal board.

"The male was then treated by staff at hospital.