Firefighters were forced to break the window of a house near Northallerton to save a pensioner who had fallen in her own home. 

Emergency services were alerted to the incident by a district nurse at about 9.30am on Saturday (March 16), following reports that a woman had fallen at home and couldn't get back up.

Firefighters from Northallerton arrived at the house, located in Romanby, and were forced to break a window to get inside the property.

After getting inside the house, fire crews assisted the pensioner until ambulance crews arrived. 

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The pensioner was taken to hospital via road ambulance.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "Crew from Northallerton assisted a district nurse to gain entry to a property due to concern for the welfare of the occupant.

"The crew gained entry by breaking the window. The elderly female inside had fallen. Crews assisted until the arrival of an ambulance."