An 80s music star surprised staff and diners at a North East restaurant after dropping in for a meal as he visited the region. 

As Raval Indian Restaurant in Gateshead prepared for service on Friday (March 15), they were surprised to see 80s music sensation Tony Hadley and his team come in for dinner.

The Northern Echo: Tony Hadley surprised diners and staff at RavalTony Hadley surprised diners and staff at Raval (Image: RAVAL)

Renowned for his chart-topping hits with the 80s sensation Spandau Ballet, Tony Hadley's choice of Raval for his pre-concert dining experience underscores the restaurant's status as a preferred destination for discerning patrons and celebrities alike.

The music star was in the area to play a sold-out show at Glasshouse International Music Centre.

The Northern Echo: Tony Hadley and his team at the restaurantTony Hadley and his team at the restaurant (Image: RAVAL)

From savouring Raval's cuisine to engaging in heartfelt conversations with fans and staff, Tony's humble and down-to-earth presence left an "indelible mark on everyone he encountered", according to the restaurant.

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"We are honoured to have hosted Tony Hadley at Raval," said Nas Islam, the Restaurant Manager at Raval.

"His discerning palate and genuine appreciation for fine dining further cement Raval's position as a culinary landmark in Newcastle Gateshead."

In addition to enjoying Raval's exquisite dishes, the musician graciously posed for photos and shared anecdotes with fans and staff, embodying the spirit of camaraderie and joy that defines Raval's dining experience.