Drivers in County Durham and Darlington have been noting the worst roads across the region, with some complaints that potholes on the roads are like 'craters'.

As part of the 'worst roads', we asked our readers for suggestions on what were the worst roads in County Durham and why - and they didn't disappoint. 

From Darlington to Howden Le Wear, frustrations boiled over when we asked drivers in the region.

In the responses, many people humorously suggested "nearly all of them," which invited others to do the same.

However, it is not just a few disgruntled drivers voicing these concerns — this is a widely acknowledged issue.

As Dee Ramone sharply illustrated, "You're supposed to drive on the left of the road but now have to drive on what's left of the roads."

This bleak humour shades over a distressing reality, the state of roads throughout the North East, from Shildon to Stanley.

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High-traffic areas such as hospitals or schools are no exception.

Sophie Gilyeat sadly recounted her troubling journey to Darlington's hospital as "a very bumpy, painful drive when you're already in pain."

Many nominated Howden-Le-Wear, where roads are notorious for terrible potholes.

Sarah-Jane Hissey detailed her experience driving there, mentioning potholes so profound they've eroded to the original tarmac, and grooves jut out so prominently that even cautious drivers get their tyres sucked into the curbs.

In the same deplorable condition are the roads to Eldon or Coundon.

Sharon Mitton compares the potholes to craters, observing there are fewer holes on the moon.

The route stretching from Newton Lane to Walworth is equally appalling, with cracks and potholes galore, as reported by Debbie Hull.

According to John Wilson, money supposedly allocated for road maintenance finds its way south of A1 or towards constructing cycle paths for an easy ride over potholes.

Victoria Greener sums it up accurately, "Most of them in Darlington... it's just full of holes and big delves!"

Meanwhile, Stu Gray said: "A689 Howden le Wear. The surface of the moon is smoother".

What are some of the worst roads you have driven on in the region? Let us know in the comments section.