With so many contenders for the title of 'best fish and chips in the North East', the answer depends on who you ask.

We asked people for their recommendations of 'the best fish and chips' in North East, and this is the list, according to our readers.

Susan Davison swears by Gills in Horden, while Kaylie Bate and Bev Marie throw their votes behind Field’s in Esh Winning.

For Debbie Brown, no chippy can beat The Best Chippy at Willington, while Viv Williams vouches for Fisherman’s Bay at Whitley Bay.

Elsewhere, many endorse the offerings from Coastline Blyth Beach, Queens Cafe in Seaburn, Sunderland, and Royal Fisheries in Whitby.

Bells Belmont gets rave reviews like John Dory in Stockton-on-Tees, Fields at Esh Winning, and Brandon Chip Shop.

Arguments are made for Green Lane in South Shields, Bartons Fish and Chips, Mikes Fish Bar Newton Aycliffe, Verrils in Hartlepool, and Clem's at Spennymoor.

On the other hand, an equally vocal contingent champions Bells Durham, and Colmans South Shields, each of which supposedly serves the crispiest chips and the most succulent, perfectly fried fish.

You'll find supporters of venues as distinct as Clems in Spennymoor and the Pit Village fish and chip shop in Beamish Museum.

Riley in Horden, Beedles Chippy, Crook Hotel, Bradley's Northallerton, and Scrumptious at Roseberry Square Redcar also make the list.

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Colemans in Ocean Road, South Shields, Oliver’s in Redcar, and Stephenson’s Market Plaice in Crook are top fan favourites, while others are split between The Magpie in Whitby, Ambleside’s Seaham, and Middlesbrough’s North Shields fish key.

Clearly, you will not struggle to find great fish and chips in the North East, whether you're visiting one of these beloved spots or testing out a shop new to you.

From Horden to Crook, the North East is a treasure trove of culinary delights, as each chip shop crafts its signature take on this British classic.

Food lovers, you're in for a treat - so would anyone fancy some fish and chips and from where?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Here is a list of just some of the fish and chip shops readers chose:

  • Gills in Horden
  • Colemans, South Shields
  • Fields in Esh Winning
  • Oliver’s in Redcar
  • Scrumptious, Redcar
  • The Best Chippy at Willington
  • Clems in Spennymoor
  • Pit Village fish and chip shop in Beamish Museum
  • The Magpie in Whitby
  • Bells Durham