A Reform Party candidate is raising money in an attempt to become Darlington MP at the next election.

Andrew Raw, born and raised in Darlington, is hoping to raise £4,000 to fund an election campaign.

He hopes to run against incumbent Conservative MP Peter Gibson, Labour candidate Lola McEvoy, Liberal Democrat Simon Thorley and the Green Party's Matthew Snedker.

The fundraiser has currently raised £135.

Andrew Raw said: "I was born and bred in wonderful Darlington, my home town. I served my time at a world-renowned company here in Darlington called Cleveland Bridge. Now sadly gone.

"I honed skills there that took me far and wide. From the gold mines of Kalgoorlie-Bolder in Australia to the shipyards of Govan, in Glasgow, where I helped build Type 45 destroyers and the QEC Class Aircraft Careers, I also worked for Severfield and found myself building the Tottenham Stadium in London as a site manager.

"I gained my degrees while working here in Darlington for another well-known company -Cummins Engine Company. I have a mechanical engineering Degree and a Fabrication Design Degree. I am also a member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects, being invited through my work in the warship sector. 

"I am passionate about my town and my country. There is no country on earth quite as good as Great Britain. I have two children, and I want them to grow up in a country with respect, values, decency and discipline, but most of all, safety.

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"Over the last 25 years, these values have been forgotten about and replaced, and taken over by the Elite. So I have decided to stand up for my town, my country and my people to get the country back on track.

"These problems can be resolved if a party has the guts to push back, and stand up for our great nation. The party that our country needs to do this is Reform UK. 

"Please consider donating to my campaign and We Can Make Britain Great."