A school has issued a warning after a pupil "became unwell" after using a vape that police have said contained an illegal drug. 

A recent incident saw a student checked over by medical professionals when they told staff at Stokesley School, in North Yorkshire, that they felt unwell.

The police later confirmed to the school that, though the student suffered no long-term effects, tests had proved the vape contained the drug "spice", an illegal synthetic cannabinoid. 

The school is taking proactive measures to prevent such incidents from happening in the future. Following the incident, the school liaised closely with parents and police to ensure the safety of students - and has sent two letters to parents outlining the school's plans to tackle the problem.

It is working closely with the police and other relevant authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of its students. The school is also conducting awareness campaigns and educational programs for students and parents alike. 

A statement issued by the school read: "Following a recent incident when a student reported feeling unwell after the use of a vape, we liaised closely with parents and the police who have now reported that the vape contained "spice".

"Thankfully the student has suffered no long-lasting effects, but was checked over by medical professionals as a precaution.

"We have kept all parents informed as part of our ongoing home/school communications, many of whom have expressed appreciation of the school's advice and guidance work about vaping and drug misuse.

"Young people's use of vapes is a worrying national trend facing all schools, and safeguarding our students is our highest priority."

Last week, the school sent a letter to parents asking them to "have conversations" with their children about the risks of vaping and drug use.

Another letter was sent this week by headteacher Michael Fenwick, updating parents that police have tested a "suspicious device that was retrieved from one of these incidents."

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He told parents: "The results confirmed that the vape contained traces of the banned substance spice.

"The sanctions outlined to you in my previous letter will continue to be applied in any cases of vaping or substance abuse at Stokesley School.

"We will also continue to work closely with North Yorkshire and Cleveland Police where we suspect illegal activity may have taken place."