At BUSINESSiQ we're always trying to expand what we can do for businesses in the North East, turning a spotlight on their success and challenging whatever stands in their way through the Level Up campaign.

As we turn up the volume on what is happening here, we are constantly talking on social media, in print and online -and now BUSINESSiQ is livestreaming its events.

This gives the option of an even wider audience hearing about North East success and wanting to be part of the region's story. It also means that colleagues of our audience members who are at the events we hold throughout the year can support them as they appear on our panels or offer challenging questions from our audience.

But the real reason we are doing this is the huge potential out there as we stay loyal to the Level Up campaign's over-arching aim, to attract and keep jobs and investment in the area.

Join us, and share the link as widely as possibly to let more people understand what we have known for generations - this region is in a unique position to lead on jobs, innovation and investment.

To join the livestream just CLICK HERE to set a reminder, or join us live from 10am