A Chester-le-Street business has recently framed bespoke artwork for Ed Sheeran.

Framing Unlimited, run by Blayne Palmer, has been working with County Durham artist Mr Sly on a piece for the internationally famous singer.

Mr Palmer took over the established business 18 months ago after leaving university with a degree in business management and a series of jobs including marketing, hospitality, and selling cars.

When the previous owner wanted to sell the business, he seized the opportunity, and after a brief but intensive training period, took over the reins of Framing Unlimited.

Mr Palmer said: "I’m delighted with the way that the business has grown in such a short period and I’m very proud that one of my framing commissions is ending up in a superstar’s home.

"I enjoy working with Mr Sly who has collectors all over the world and clients including Chelsea Football Club, L’Oréal and Red Ken.

"I’m also taking the business in a new direction as there is a growing market for framing wedding dresses.

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"Traditionally, they are used once and left in a wardrobe but having them in a beautiful frame on your wall is a constant reminder of your big day and looks amazing too. I’ve done a few of these and the fashion is catching on."

The business has successfully framed a diverse range of artworks, including large-format pieces such as a six-foot artwork by Mick Graham, who specialises in military imagery - most notably armoured vehicles and tanks and photography by several local photographers.

In addition, Mr Palmer has framed wedding dresses, signed football shirts and even a rug made from camel hair.