A County Durham man has been ordered to pay more than £600 after wielding a belt in the street. 

Aziz Drireche, 33, of Front Street, Pity Me, was found guilty of possessing an offensive weapon in a public place after wielding his belt. 

According to court documents, Drireche was accused of "possessing an offensive weapon in a public place, Contrary to section 1(1) of the Prevention of Crime Act 1953." 

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The offence happened on May 6, 2023, on Front Street in Chester-le-Street.

Drireche indicated a plea of guilty in court and has now been sentenced for the offence. 

On Friday, March 8, he was fined £466 and ordered to pay a surcharge of £186. 

Drireche has been ordered to pay in full by April 5, 2024.