Annoying parking on your street can be infuriating, and save a thought for people who have to engage in a 'free for all' on the street for parking. 

Using the website Fix My Street, people can note down people's parking and other inconveniences in their street, such as dangerous potholes.

We scoured through Fix My Street and noted examples of bad and illegal parking on the streets of Darlington recently. 

Of course, we have blurred the number plates of the cars - but you can still see the vehicles involved.

Here are the worst examples of cars parking in Darlington:

St Paul's Terrace

The Northern Echo:

Parking outside a school can be annoying for teachers, parents and other motorists because it blocks up the road and makes it unsafe for those trying to get home and walk from school.

On Fix My Street, the person who complained about this parking said: "Parking in no parking zone makes it dangerous to cross safely on the corner."

Northwood Primary School

The Northern Echo:

Another parking outside a school example - with this occasion seeing a car parked up for ten minutes and blocking outside the school. This could be dangerous. 

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The complainant of this image wrote: "No parking zone dropping kids off, left the car for ten minutes, making it difficult to cross safely.

West Auckland Road

The Northern Echo:

When we've done parking round-ups before in Darlington, West Auckland Road has always been the same and has consistently been an issue. 

Drivers have consistently parked on the zig-zags on this road, and people are fed up. 

On this occasion, one person posted "Please can this area be checked more often, as signs up are still not stopping cars parking there."

Wycliffe Way

The Northern Echo:

On this occasion, verges on this road have been parked on - causing drivers to be blocked in. This person who complained doesn't seem best pleased by the motorist, saying: "The whole road is available to park on and someone thinks parking on the grass verge is acceptable, churning up the verge and making a mess."