A budding young singer has been left feeling like a superstar after a song she wrote with her mum was played on national radio last week.

Five-year-old Matilda, who is a pupil at Levendale Primary School in Yarm, near Stockton, achieved a feat many musicians dream of when her debut single 'Happy Pyjamas' was played as a world exclusive on Zoe Ball's BBC Radio 2 show.

Matilda, who co-wrote the song with mum Heather Tarran-Jones was shocked and delighted when the single, which was based on her morning routine, was played on the show after it was sent in by her via email.

The Northern Echo: Matilda, 5, with mum Heather Tarran-Jones from Yarm.Matilda, 5, with mum Heather Tarran-Jones from Yarm. (Image: HEATHER TARRAN-JONES)

Introducing the single, presenter Zoe Ball said: "Matilda is getting the full treatment on the breakfast show this morning - enjoy this moment!"

Following this huge moment for Matilda, mum Heather recounted the process which began when her little girl found a book about songwriting in a drawer.

She said: "I play guitar around the house and I have a songwriting book which Matilda found and she immediately wanted to write her own song.

"We sat down together and she was very keen that all the lyrics should rhyme, and she decided she wanted to write about what she does in the morning and her day." 

And just like that, 'Happy Pyjamas' was written, where Matilda sings about putting on her pj's, pictures of koalas and even wrestling bananas.

The song was then recorded onto Heather's phone who came up with a guitar tune to match the lyrics, and then, suddenly, Matilda became thoughtful about her impending stardom.

Mum Heather said: "We finished writing it, and Matilda told me she was 'a little bit nervous'. I asked why, and she replied that she was anxious about when it would be played on the radio.

The Northern Echo: Handwritten lyrics for Happy Pyjamas.Handwritten lyrics for Happy Pyjamas. (Image: HEATHER TARRAN-JONES)

"I didn't know how to break it to her and explained that when you write a song it doesn't go straight on to the radio and it is really hard sometimes.

"But then, I thought that maybe there would be some way that I could get it played for her so I emailed the Zoe Ball breakfast show and one of the producers wrote back and said they loved the story.

"I asked if they wanted the first worldwide exclusive play of Happy Pyjamas and they bigged it up, played the song and everyone was singing along."

Upon realising her song was being played on the radio, Matilda screamed "That's my song!" and was "very excited and running up and down with excitement". 


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She then asked me "am I famous now?".

But the excitement didn't end there - when Matilda arrived at school her song was played in assembly where she was "very proud" to have it shown off to all her friends.

As for another hit single, mum Heather isn't sure whether Matilda will put pen to paper again and write another hit.

She said: "Tomorrow, she might be into being a chef. This week, she was interested in being a music artist but things change, so we'll see!"