Talented children from one County Durham primary school came together for a special performance to marking the grand finale of their town's 75th birthday celebrations.

The gleeful group of year five students, from Acre Rigg Primary School in Peterlee, took to the makeshift stage in Castle Dene Shopping Centre today (March 9) to perform a song they had written for the towns anniversary.

Introducing the song, that the children named 'The Seven Seas' inspired by the plight of miners and the heritage of the town was singer-songwriter Elaine Palmer, who helped the group write the song in just four sessions.

The Northern Echo: Acre Rigg Primary School students, Peterlee.Acre Rigg Primary School students, Peterlee. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Just a few of the lyrics are: "My Nanas eyes and grandfather's hands worked the mines before I was born, As I walk along the edge of the Castle Dene I wonder what really lies beneath my feet.

"I'm dreaming of a town of hope that we can all be proud of, And I wonder if they will, ever think of me years from now like they remember Peter Lee.

"Take me back to the place I was born where the Seven Seas meets the shore."

Following the highly successful performance that "brought tears" to parents' eyes and a roaring round of applause, Elaine, who is from a village near Whitby, recounted the song writing process.

The Northern Echo: Proud parents cheer on the young performers.Proud parents cheer on the young performers. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

She said: "The arts council at Durham County Council asked me if I was interested in coming onto this project and working with the children on a song.

"When I went in, we looked at the history of Peterlee, their ancestors, the struggled they have faced ad how that has been brought in to the next generation."

She added: "It's been fabulous working with the children on this. They are just so full of endless amounts of energy and enthusiasm.

"Their attitude to the project has been excellent - they were really open to it."

This latest performance was just yet another accolade for the children who had already completed their main show at East Durham College - which now brings the Peterlee 75 celebrations to an end.

Julie Craggs, the headteacher of Acre Rigg Primary School was full of praise for her pupils, and admitted she is "very proud" of them.


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She said: "It has been brilliant to see the pupils perform today - and for all of their families to have came out on a Saturday too.

"The whole project has been fantastic and the children have enjoyed it. The fact that they were able to work together on these songs makes it even more special.

"They will remember the song and this whole experience for the rest of their lives."