I think all mums would agree they are in need of a bit of self-care at most times of the year, but especially when it comes to Mother’s Day.

My mum cannot sit still for five minutes - even on her days off work, if she’s not running around Tesco or the Co-op, she's in the kitchen baking Betty Crocker biscuits or filling up the slow cooker with a hotpot (food is her love language).

She always has and always will put everyone before herself, and that’s why this year I wanted to treat her to an at-home pamper to fit into her busy lifestyle.

But where could I create the homemade spa I had in mind? My first online stop was Lush because it’s my go-to for all things bath, shower and body – lucky for me, my search ended there because it had all the indulging gifts I needed.

@uktoday_ If you’re looking for the best Mother’s Day gifts this year, here are my top picks from Lush (including the Yummy Custard body wash) 🛀 #uknews #lush #mothersday ♬ Bath - L3ahpar

Lush Mother’s Day collection 2024 – this is what I tried

  • Mother Nature Bath Bomb (75g)
  • One Long Soak Bath Bomb (185g)
  • Yummy Custard Body Wash (100g)
  • Avo Cuddle Bubble Bar (145g)
  • Queen Bee Sheet Mask (120g)
  • Snuggles Shower Gel (115g)
  • Drop Of Hope Soap (110g)
  • Wash and Grow Bubble Bar (100g)
  • The Old Songs Are Waking Body Scrub (135g)
  • Alina Perfume (30ml)
  • Flight of the Bumble Bee Eye Pads (25g)

Before I stocked my mum's bathroom baskets, I may or may not have tried some of their Mother’s Day collection because if it's good enough for me (a die-hard self-care human), it’s good enough for her.

You can see the full Lush Mother’s Day collection here.

The Northern Echo: Have you tried any of these new Lush products? Some are limited editionHave you tried any of these new Lush products? Some are limited edition (Image: Newsquest)

Why the Lush Mother’s Day collection is a nourishing pamper for loved ones

From the list above, I thought I would pluck out the products that will certainly make the motherly figure in your life feel like a new woman.

Mother Nature Bath Bomb (75g)

Firstly, I instantly became obsessed with the Mother Nature bath bomb because I thought it looked like me as a child (a very weird thing to admit).

Not only that, as it fizzed into action in the bath, an aroma of a fruity fake-grape-sweet kind of smell took over the bathroom – divine.

The Northern Echo: I am obsessed with the Lush Mother Nature bath bombI am obsessed with the Lush Mother Nature bath bomb (Image: Newsquest)

As well as making my skin feel soft, the colour of the bath water turned an ocean blue and for a moment I drifted off into the Maldives.

One Long Soak Bath Bomb (185g)

This reminded me of a mix between the classic Lush bath bombs Intergalactic and Dragon’s Egg – it oozed a delightful sherbet scent and made my skin feel buttery smooth.

Yummy Custard Body Wash (100g)

Speaking of buttery skin, the Yummy Custard body wash might be life-changing.

I’ve never really been that impressed by any kind of body wash but there was just something special about this one.

The Northern Echo: Lush's One Long Soak bath bomb reminded me of the classic Intergalactic Lush's One Long Soak bath bomb reminded me of the classic Intergalactic (Image: Newsquest)

It felt like it gave my skin a deep cleanse and the moisture boost it needed thanks to the creamy vanilla and oat milk ingredients.

I loved how the smell lingered on my clothes when jumping out of the shower, almost as good as that fresh washing feeling when getting dressed.

Snuggles Shower Gel (115g)

Not enough buttery goodness for you? If you’re after a nourishing shower gel as a gift for Mother’s Day, this is a must.

As described by Lush, the limited edition body wash is a truly ‘comforting, buttery cuddle’.

The scent of cocoa butter and vanilla sticks to your skin and provides all the moisture it needs.

I think this shower gel is an ideal pre-bedtime ritual our mums could need when they don’t have time for a long soak in the bath.

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The Old Songs Are Waking Body Scrub (135g)

I’m not sure I’ve ever come across a body scrub that feels too pretty to touch – from the swirls of purple and white to the sprinkle of gold glitter on top of the pot.

I was relieved to discover it scrubs well without drying your skin out (there’s nothing worse than a body scrub that leaves you feeling bone dry).

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I think it works so well because Lush has used fine sugar granules that foam up when mixed with water.

If there was one product I would suggest avoiding, it’s the Queen Bee Sheet Mask because although it’s extremely cute, it doesn’t give much moisture and I think the fresh Lush face masks work a lot better.

But overall, I cannot believe how nourishing this Lush Mother’s Day collection is, ideal for rejuvenating our tired mums just in time to step into spring.

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