Darlington is to receive £20m from Government for "community regeneration", the Chancellor has announced today. 

Jeremy Hunt said Darlington would be provided with “£20m of funding to invest in community regeneration.

He told the Commons: “We are expanding the long term plan for downs to 20 new places including Darlington, home of the treasury’s fantastic Darlington Economic Campus”

It is understood the money comes from the Town’s Fund with the aim to attract investment, create jobs and deliver new infrastructure.

Darlington MP Peter Gibson has welcomed the announcement.

He said: “I’m delighted that Darlington has been awarded £20 million pounds to help further regenerate our town, which will really help to transform parts of our town and will complement the Town’s Fund work immensely.

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“We can already see the great working being done locally to level up, and this further money just helps move us from great to brilliant”.

“This new funding adds to the over £1 billion pounds of Government funding awarded to Darlington since 2019, where we have seen investment in Darlington Economic Campus, Railway Heritage Quarter, Darlington Train Station, Town’s Fund and more recently the Northern Link Road.

“This Conservative Government thinks Darlington is worth investment, and as Darlington’s MP, I’m delighted that our voice and vision continues to be heard loud and clear in Westminster”.