A tenant who plagued his neighbours with excessive noise and alleged drug dealing has been kicked out of his home after an investigation. 

The man, who lives on Bede Terrace in Chester-le-Street, was evicted after work by police, council and housing agency groups.

Multiple residents on Bede Terrace had reported cases of anti-social behaviour at the property to the housing association Karbon Homes and the Police, including alleged drug dealing and excessive noise. 

In a bid to put a stop to the issues, Karbon Homes worked closely with officers from Durham Police and other community partners, to secure and issue the order, which has seen the tenant lose their tenancy.  

Ian Johnson, Executive Director of Customer Service at Karbon Homes, said: “We work hard to help all our customers retain their tenancies with us, however, we’re committed to keeping our neighbourhoods safe and we take cases of persistent anti-social behaviour, which negatively impacts the lives of other residents, very seriously. 

“We’re pleased with the successful outcome of this order, and we’re grateful for the support we’ve received from multiple community partners and residents to get us here. 


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“I hope the result offers some well-deserved relief to the residents of this formerly quiet street and hope this encourages other Karbon households who may be experiencing anti-social behaviour, to come forward and report it.” 

Kevan Jones MP for North Durham added: “Anti-social behaviour can be devastating for a community, and my constituents should not have to put up with criminal activity and disruption on their doorstep. 

  “I welcome the action Karbon has taken which sends out a message loud and clear: follow the rules, or risk losing your home.”