A North East building has been branded the 'spookiest' after floating orbs and ghosts 'with half a torso' have been spotted.

It is located on one of Tyneside’s most stunning streets, but a spine-chilling secret lurks within the walls of number 13 Grey Street, according to those who use it.

That’s because the 200-year-old building is reportedly haunted by ghosts – including one missing the top half of his body.

The Northern Echo: Inside 13 Grey StreetInside 13 Grey Street (Image: PAUL EDWARDS)

Visitors to the building have been shocked after encountering the ghost of “half a man”, who has been spotted roaming on the third-floor landing.

Paul Edwards, who runs businesses in the North East and Yorkshire, recalled a close encounter with the spirit.

In 2009, Paul – who runs Edwards Commercial Cleaning Services – had a contract to clean the Georgian building’s communal space.

Mr Edwards recently recounted the experience on the PRsonal podcast, produced by the North East PR agency Harvey & Hugo, where he said one worker called him during a clean at the building to inform him he was staring at the spectre.

The Northern Echo: Mr Edwards said that he'd seen spirits and floating orbs in the buildingMr Edwards said that he'd seen spirits and floating orbs in the building (Image: PAUL EDWARDS)

“He described him as half a man, and that you could only see him from the waist down – he had trousers, boots and a long coat but that was it,” recalled Paul, who went to meet the man outside the building.

“He came out and he was as white as a sheet and shaking like a leaf.”

Upon chatting to the regular cleaner, she informed him that it wasn’t the only spirit – and that she had become so used to the sightings, that she’d started to simply vacuum around them!

The Northern Echo: A corridor in 13 Grey Street, NewcastleA corridor in 13 Grey Street, Newcastle (Image: PAUL EDWARDS)

Determined to find out for himself, Paul picked up a camera and visited the building himself.

What he captured made the hair on his neck stand up.

“I’m looking at the staircase and right in front of me is a circle – it is right in the middle of the staircase and it isn’t doing anything.

“I thought this had to be a reflection – but there was nothing to reflect it off.”


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As he wandered around the property, he witnessed vanishing shadows and even more mystery orbs – but this time they were moving.

And he was left numb when a cleaner told him that she could see a child on the staircase.

15 years on, he’s now made the images public, which he says shows both the orbs – and a shadowy outline that he feels resembles a pair of bent knees.

As for Paul, he’s left the door open as to what he witnessed in Newcastle City Centre all those years ago.

“I don’t know what we saw – but there was something strange going on.” To watch the full episode, click here.