A 24-year-old man who stirred up racial hatred post on Twitter was socially isolated and spent a lot of time on his computer, a court has heard.

Nathan Thompson appeared at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court where he admitted nine counts of inciting racial hatred online and two malicious communications offences committed between April and July last year.

The defendant, of Whickham View, Newcastle, heard his case and will be sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court on April 3 as the offences were too serious for the magistrates’ court to deal with.

Claire Armstrong, prosecuting, said the offensive posts on Twitter, now known as X, referred to black people, Jews, Muslims and people from the LGBT+ community and mentioned white supremacy.

She said a possible jail sentence for the offences had a starting point of three years.

Gregg Stephens, defending, told the court: “He is a young lad who is quite isolated and socially vulnerable.

“He has mental health issues, doesn’t mix with people and spends a lot of time on his computer.


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“He has got himself connected to this right-wing stuff which you can find online.”

Mr Stephens said what was posted went well beyond expressing free speech and Thompson now realised it was “wholly inappropriate”.

He said Thompson had never been in trouble before, and importantly, after he was arrested, he has had support for his mental health problems.

Mr Stephens said: “He doesn’t necessarily believe in the things he has been putting online, he has been misguided, rather than someone who is a genuine danger.”