An incident over the weekend has caused shock across County Durham after a 12-year-old girl was stopped by council wardens with cigarettes, vodka, lighter fluid and vapes. 

The shocking incident, which happened in Stanley, saw neighbourhood police and council wardens approach a group of youths over the weekend. 

After speaking to the group, the wardens and police noticed that the group were carrying bottles of vodka, cans of cider, lighter fluid, cigarettes and vapes. 

The incident, which has been branded anti-social behaviour by the wardens, saw all of the items seized from the girl, 12, from the Stanley area.

A spokesperson for Durham County Council Wardens said: "Neighbourhood Wardens have so far this weekend seized alcohol and cigarettes plus a bottle of lighter fluid from underage youths in Stanley and Durham.

"The cigarettes and lighter fluid were seized from a twelve-year-old female in Stanley."


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Alongside the anti-social behaviour in Stanley, the wardens also noted issues in Durham City - near the bowling club, which was recently hit by an arson attack.

The spokesperson for the wardens added: "A lot of litter was also left at the Bowling Club in Durham so the Wardens have cleared that area up.

"Please report Anti Social Behaviour to 101 at the time of happening or 999 in an emergency. You can also report any ASB via"