These seven criminals have been locked up in the last month and are starting March behind bars.

Among them are a man who burgled a widow, a thug who punched and kicked his wife, and a sex worker who had her suspended sentence activated.

Cocaine seller

The Northern Echo: Jude CraigJude Craig (Image: Cleveland Police)

A young man who swapped a future dream of academia for selling drugs has been jailed after police found drugs and cash stashed in his home.

Jude Craig was arrested after a police raid resulted in officers recovering cocaine, cannabis, drug dealing paraphernalia, and more than £40,000 in cash.

The 21-year-old turned to dealing to pay off his own cannabis debt but his business acumen took him deeper into the illicit drugs market, Teesside Crown Court heard.

The court heard how the drugs seized from the Middlesbrough man's home had an estimated street value of more than £4,000.

He was jailed for 33 months.

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Burglar ransacked widow’s home

The Northern Echo: Wayne Weatherson.Wayne Weatherson. (Image: Cleveland Police)

A burglar who stole a pensioner’s car after ransacking her home on Boxing Day has been locked up.

Wayne Weatherson also stole four televisions, a laptop and jewellery, from the widow’s home of almost 50 years leaving her devastated by the invasion.

The 33-year-old was arrested nearby after a neighbour spotted him acting suspiciously and called the police.

Teesside Crown Court heard how all of the stolen goods were recovered but the burglary had left the victim feeling traumatised that someone had been through her entire home.

He has been jailed for 18 months.

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Darlington thug

The Northern Echo: Anthony Baron-PalmerAnthony Baron-Palmer (Image: Durham Constabulary)

A violent thug who punched and kicked his wife before standing on her neck until she almost passed out has been jailed for his abusive behaviour.

Anthony Baron-Palmer flew into a rage after he accused his wife of ignoring him while talking on her phone to a friend following a night out.

The 39-year-old grabbed the mobile phone out of her hand before launching the attack on her as he believed she was ignoring his sexual advances.

He will spend the next 22 months in jail.

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Couple stabbed man

The Northern Echo: Darren McCabe and Donna SimpsonDarren McCabe and Donna Simpson (Image: Newsquest/Cleveland Police)

A couple who repeatedly stabbed a man after they found him stealing money from inside their flat have been locked up.

Darren McCabe and Donna Simpson took the law into their own hands when they awoke to find Ivan Demani stuffing cash down his jogging bottoms and tried to wrestle it back.

Teesside Crown Court heard how CCTV footage captured the pair wrestling with the complainant in the lift before the knife was used to attack him.

McCabe was sentenced to three years and three months while his partner was jailed for three years.

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Man ran drugs empire from jail cell in prison for longer

The Northern Echo: Daniel PerryDaniel Perry

A drugs baron who continued to run his illicit empire while behind bars has had his prison sentence extended for orchestrating the industrial scale operation.

Daniel Perry organised for kilos of cocaine and amphetamine to be brought into the region while co-ordinating the purchase and restoration of firearms intended to be used to intimidate rival gangs.

The 38-year-old was heading up a gang of dealers who were flooding the Redcar area with drugs but he did not let his arrest stop him from heading up the network.

His jail term has been extended to 17 years and four months

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Sex worker after breaking suspended sentence

The Northern Echo: Laura McCord.Laura McCord. (Image: Cleveland Police)

A sex worker has been jailed after she failed to take advantage of a suspended sentence after she preyed on a vulnerable pensioner.

Laura McCord robbed the pensioner when she pushed him onto his bed and pinned him down before stealing his wallet.

The 32-year-old stole his car and wallet when she managed to blag her way into his home before using the Citroen Berlingo to steal fuel from service stations.

In October last year, she was sentenced to 22 months in custody suspended for two years after accepting she was ‘under the control of her partner’ at the time of the offences, but after her latest court appearance the suspended sentence was activated.

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