A remote coastal spot in Northumberland has been revealed as being one of England’s best and prettiest places to visit, due to its ‘properly stunning’ castle.

Holy Island (including Lindisfarne Castle) was just one of the country’s 20 highly-praised locations by Hand Luggage Only.

The publication’s author said: “You know, one of the things I love about England is the diversity that we have. From the little coves on the Dorset Coast, gorgeous little hamlets and enough history to throw a stick at. All across the country, it’s filled to the brim with some of the best places to visit in England.

“Okay but let’s start with the glaringly obvious, I’m biased and pretty proud of the beauty of England. I really do think that England is totally unique and much more than just cities like London.

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It added: “Yes, these are amazing (and I love London more than any other city in the world) but it’s just one small area of our amazing country and there really is so much to see.”

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Why is Holy Island one of England’s best and prettiest places to visit?

The writer at Hand Luggage Only went on to say: “This has to be one of my favourite castles (and islands) in all of England. Perched on Holy Island, Lindisfarne Castle is properly stunning to see in person.

“There’s just something so magical about it (and yes, that’s really cheesy to say, but it does feel like that).

“Once here, head for a hike across the incredible shoreline, pop over to Holy Island and explore the castle and finish your day off in Berwick Upon Tweed where you can grab a yummy bite at the Maltings Kitchen.”

On Tripadvisor, Lindisfarne Castle has a 4/5 rating out of 1,424 reviews.

One visitor posted: “Love this castle, perched up on a craggy rock. Beautiful inside, what a place to have lived or even visited. One of my favs.”

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Another wrote: “Would like to compliment the National Trust on the wonderful Lindisfarne Castle.  We attended yesterday it was our first visit to the castle and also Holy Island. What a beautiful place to visit and expertly curated from start to finish in particularly being greeted with a beautiful postcard which was an invite to visit the castle.

“Also would like to draw your attention to Eleanor who made our visit so special and took great delight in answering all our questions about the castle and the area and also pointed out some seals on the beach opposite the castle and loaned us her binoculars to look at them it made our day!

“One of our favourite visits to a National Trust property and look forward to returning again soon. Thank you so much!”