It is set to be a dry and cloudy day in Darlington and across the North East today (February 29) as the Met Office predicts chilly temperatures set to feel like 1C by evening.

Despite spring being on the horizon, temperatures are remaining low across the region.

Temperatures in Darlington will reach a high of 8C this morning, but are set to drop to a low of 3C by 11pm this evening.

Light wind is also forecast throughout the day but will only reach speeds of 10mph, with the sun due to set at 5:41pm.

However despite a dry evening ahead, the forecaster has predicted "wintry spells" with increasing cloud, wind and rain into the next couple of days.

Here’s a full hour-by-hour forecast for Darlington today.

9am: 8C with <5% chance of rain

10am: 8C with 10% chance of rain

11am: 8C with 10% chance of rain

12pm: 8C with 10% chance of rain

1pm: 8C with 10% chance of rain

2pm: 8C with 10% chance of rain

3pm: 8C with 10% chance of rain

4pm: 7C with 10% chance of rain

5pm: 7C with 10% chance of rain

6pm: 6C with <5% chance of rain

7pm: 5C with <5% chance of rain

8pm: 5C with <5% chance of rain

9pm: 4C with <5% chance of rain

10pm: 4C with <5% chance of rain

11pm: 2C with <5% chance of rain

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The forecaster predicts: “A bright start to the day with hazy sunshine and variable cloud. Isolated showers spreading in from the west through the afternoon, these may be wintry over the Pennines.  

“Breezy over hills. Maximum temperature 9 °C.”