We recently asked Northern Echo readers who their favourite hair stylist was in the North East - and they didn't disappoint. Who is your favourite?

There's always a reputation that hairdressers have no matter how old you get. Not only do they make your hair look fabulous, they're always up for a catch-up and chat, and can become good friends.

Often, clients return to the same hairdresser each time and strike up a favourite.

In this spirit, we gave our readers an opportunity to shout out their favourite hairstylist in the region for their talented work.

Here are just a few if the stylists mentioned by Northern Echo readers.

One of the many hairdressers earning recognition was Jodie Stott of Jodie Stott Hairdressing, whom reader Amy Smith proudly picked.

Top fan Alison Denton championed Winnie's Hair Design by saying, "Winnie's Hair Design, Amanda is amazing."

The Northern Echo: Winnie's Hair Design, Newcastle.Winnie's Hair Design, Newcastle. (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

Meanwhile, Viv Dee maintained that Paul James Hairdressing was "fabulous!"

Fi Stokoe vouched for the staff at Roots Barnwell, stating they were "amazing", and Sue Benson gave a glowing review for Team Replay.

Hairdresser Gemma Blair garnered praise from Ann Wagner, who remarked, "Gemma Blair at Merrybent, Brilliant and lovely".

Nicole Finney was another popular choice with Marie Bradley endorsing her as "absolutely amazing".

The Northern Echo: Paul James Hairdressing, Fishburn.Paul James Hairdressing, Fishburn. (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

Wayne Bowes from KIM'S in Ferryhill also came highly recommended.

Fiona Simmonette appreciated Michelle Hall from Making Waves, who she lauded as an "absolutely brilliant hairdresser".

Jayde Willis endorsed E.S Hair Design by saying "The best".

Mandy Lawlor expressed gratitude towards Sarah of Sarah's Salon in Richmond, saying "Just the best."

The Northern Echo: Sarah's Salon, Richmond.Sarah's Salon, Richmond. (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

Charlotte Wrench called out Wigwam Hairdressing and Helen Anderson expressed her appreciation.


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Julie Ashmore, on the other hand, declared Caroline Brown as amazing.

One top fan, Pamela Collier, favoured Wendy at Twilight in Langley Moor.

Kay Hodgson was among the popular choices, endorsed by multiple readers including Heather Tonge who called her "the best" and Tracey Newcomb who gave her a shout-out alongside fellow hairdresser Nigel James Armstrong.