Behaviour Interactive, Canada’s largest independent video game studio, has marked the first anniversary of its expansion into the North East.

Since the acquisition of its first UK office last February, Behaviour’s UK team has nearly doubled in size to more than 80, reflecting a growing demand for its development services for partners such as Microsoft, Sony, EA, Warner Bros. Discovery and Take-Two.

Behaviour has since continued its European investment, opening additional locations in Cornwall, UK and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The company’s rapid growth is driven by expanding their portfolio of original games and strategic partnerships in the work-for-hire space.

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“We’ve always admired the UK’s rich pool of gaming talent and our expansion to the country is now letting us tap it to the great benefit of our development partners,” said Wayne Meazza, Behaviour Interactive’s Executive Vice-President, Services.

The Northern Echo: Bob Makin - General Manager, Behaviour UKBob Makin - General Manager, Behaviour UK (Image: Behaviour)

“It’s been an exciting year for us in the UK and we have every intention of building on this momentum over the next 12 months, and well into the future.”

Recent months have seen Behaviour move to a new UK headquarters in Middlesbrough to better accommodate its growing team and to better promote workplace wellbeing and sustainability.


This commitment also saw major enhancements in terms of benefits, perks, and technology. In the last year alone, Behaviour UK was a finalist for ‘Commitment to ESG’ at the TIGA Awards and ‘Best Wellbeing in the Workplace Strategy’ at the Great British Wellbeing Awards.

“It’s been an incredible first year with Behaviour, one filled with amazing projects that many of us could previously only dream of working on,” said Bob Makin, General Manager of Behaviour’s UK operations and former boss of Sock Monkey.

“We’re very fortunate to have Behaviour here and creating not just jobs, but amazing opportunities for UK developers.”

Founded in 1992, Behaviour has enjoyed huge success with its original horror-action multiplayer game, Dead by Daylight™ and the acclaimed building and raiding title, Meet Your Maker.