Police are investigating after an altercation broke out between the drivers and occupants of two cars and a motorcycle involved in a crash in Barnard Castle yesterday (Sunday, February 25).

Officers were alerted to the incident on the town's County Bridge at around 4.40pm, following a collision between a white BMW, red motorcycle and black Nissan Navara. 

A Durham Police spokesperson said: "Did you witness a collision in Barnard Castle yesterday afternoon (February 25)?

"It happened at around 4.40pm on the County Bridge and involved a white BMW, a red motorcycle and a black Nissan Navara.

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"Nobody is believed to have been injured in the incident, but an altercation took place afterwards involving the drivers and occupants on the vehicles."

Anyone who witnessed the collision, or who may have any dashcam of the vehicles, is asked to contact PC 9408 Booth on 101, extension number 209408.

Information can also be sent via email to Robert.booth2@durham.police.uk.