The Conservative Party have named their MP candidate for the Bishop Auckland constituency ahead of the next general election.

Jane MacBean, who has previously served as a councillor for Buckinghamshire Council, has been selected following a vote by the party’s members on Saturday (February 24).

The candidate, who runs a small financial services firm, said she was delighted to be chosen and that her priorities are people, places and problem-solving.

She also promised to deliver jobs, investment and change if elected.

She said: “I am absolutely thrilled to be the Conservative candidate for Bishop Auckland.

“As a community champion I will always put the constituency and the people who live in it first.

“I am not interested in political point scoring. My priorities are the people, places and problem solving and I will deliver jobs, investment and changes for our constituency, building upon the fantastic work of Dehenna Davison MP.

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“Until the General Election, I am determined to show people I am the strong, electable candidate Bishop Auckland needs. “

Dehenna Davison, who has been the MP for Bishop Auckland since 2019 and will step down at the next general election, said: “I am chuffed that Jane has been selected, she has the experience and tenacity to make our community even better.

“We are already working closely together, and I will support her through to the General Election and beyond.”