An ex-police officer accused of "unwanted sexual conduct" will face a misconduct hearing next week.

Former Cleveland Police officer Thomas Charles Vickers is accused of failing to act with self-control, failing to treat Ms X with courtesy and respect and engaged in unwanted conduct and/or unwanted conduct of a sexual nature towards Ms X.

The force also alleges that former PC Vickers behaved in a manner that discredits the police service and undermines public confidence "because a reasonable member of the public would be justifiably concerned that a police officer had engaged in unwanted sexual conduct".

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The allegations, if proven, could amount to gross misconduct and breach the Standards of Professional Behaviour for police officers, specifically the standards of:

  • Authority, Respect and Courtesy;
  • Equality and Diversity;
  • Discreditable Conduct.

An independent disciplinary panel will listen to the evidence before making its ruling.

The public hearing will be in held in Stockton at 10am, on Monday, February 26.