A new post office will open in County Durham next month after the MP for the area confirmed details about the new community facility. 

Paul Howell, MP for Sedgefield, confirmed the first few details of the new post office - which will be housed at the Mainsforth News shop on Dennison Terrace in Ferryhill. 

Announcing the news to people online, Mr Howell said that the opening of this facility as a post office would be easier for people who have to travel to access the post office services. 

The new post office in Ferryhill will open on Friday, March 8 at 1pm. 

Mr Howell said: "This will provide residents with convenient access to essential services like bill payments and parcel collections, right in their neighborhood. This is particularly important for those who might have difficulty travelling to the existing branches.

"I encourage all residents of Ferryhill to take advantage of this new convenient service. This opening demonstrates our commitment to providing accessible and essential services to all communities. I am confident this new Post Office will be a valuable resource for Ferryhill residents for years to come."

The opening of the new facility is in collaboration with Payzone and will feature a Drop & Collect branch, utilising a handheld device to offer key services.


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This format allows for flexibility and accessibility, focusing on the increasing demand for parcel services.

While services like personal and business banking won't be available at this location, customers can still make bill payments, prepaid parcel collections and returns.

Despite the opening of the branch, people who need to access personal and business banking services will need to visit the nearby branches at Ferryhill Post Office (1-2 Wensley Terrace, DL17 0DA) and West End Post Office (16 Market Street, DL17 8JN).