Critically acclaimed Irish comedian Catherine Bohart is heading to Newcastle’s, The Stand this May.

Ahead of her upcoming show Catherine discussed her new material with reporter Darcie Rawlings.

Bohart’s brand-new show, ‘Again, With Feelings’ tackles topics such as mental health, relationships, and love, but with greater wisdom, deeper self-awareness, and all-new jokes.

Witnessing a shift in societal and cultural expectations for women and adulthood, like many of us Catherine is asking a truly big question, “What do I want?”.

The Northern Echo: Bohart’s brand-new show, ‘Again, With Feelings’ tackles the topics such as mental health,

Discussing embarking on her tour heading to the North East, Catherine said: “It’s a silly, naughty show, It’s my biggest one yet and I’m really excited.”

Catherine also asked for cake and restaurant recommendations when heading to Newcastle, as she explained, trying new food and exploring cities on tour is one of the many perks of the job.

“Newcastle is the friendliest city I’ve ever been to in England, I love it, it is so good for food and nightlife.”

“I’ve played The Stand in Newcastle many times and the audiences are fantastic; I genuinely love the north and I think our senses of humour are very similar.”

‘Again, With Feelings’ isn’t just a show for those at a crossroads in life, or those re-evaluating their careers, and priorities but it highlights the reality of what women are facing and how there’s an internal battle going on with the current generation – as well as the fact it’s funny of course.

“I grew up in the 90s in Ireland where home ownership was the goal and almost the promise, the sell on adulthood was that at the age I am now, you’d have a house and family.

“Now that I’m 35 and confronted with the fact I have to make big decisions for that to happen especially if your queer and have kids – my adulthood doesn’t look like what I expected – being confronted with that, what do I want my life to look like?”

“The show is about how so many other people’s lives look like that, but in a really light-hearted way and is mainly just a ton of jokes.”

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Feeling the social pressures and expectations placed on women, Bohart addresses the struggle of being a gay woman in the industry and has spoken openly about her battles with OCD.

“Just because you have OCD doesn’t mean you know how to explain it, it can express itself in different ways, so I try to talk about it in comedy on my best days so I’m learning how to articulate it on my worst days.”

Catherine also expressed how grateful she is that fans make such an effort to attend her shows and that ‘she doesn’t take it for granted’, highlighting what a ‘privilege’ it is.

You might recognise Catherine from her Amazon special Immaculate which is available on Prime and she has also appeared on Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week, A League Of Their Own and Celebrity Mastermind as well as being a correspondent on The Mash Report. She recently filmed LOL: Last One Laughing Ireland for Amazon Prime.

Personal, exhilarating but above all this latest offering from one of the most sought-after comedic talents to emerge in recent years is one not to be missed.

Catherine Bohart takes new tour ‘Again, With Feelings’ to Newcastle's The Stand on Saturday, May 25.