Six North East drivers have been in court this week charged with motoring offences, including insurance issues, not having a licence, and having a brake light out on their car.

All of the drivers appeared in Teesside Magistrates' Court over the last seven days - where they were fined, with some of them being handed bans on their licence or points on their licence.

Here are the 6 drivers who have been in court:

John Fadian, 55, of Coris Close, Marton-in-Cleveland, Middlesbrough, was fined £660 for failing to identify the driver of a vehicle caught speeding in Middlesbrough.

He also had his driving record endorsed with six points, while his charge of driving over the 30 mph speed limit was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

The case involved a Mercedes caught speeding on the restricted Park Vale Road, which dated back to March 10 and April–May of 2023.

Fadian entered a not guilty plea on October 5, 2023.

However, the second charge was proved in his absence at a hearing held at Teesside Magistrates' Court on February 13.

In addition to the fine, Fadian was ordered to pay a surcharge of £264 to fund victim services and £180 in costs to the Crown Prosecution Service.

A collection order for the total £1,104 in payments was made, to be completed by March 12.

A Redcar man was slapped with a £220 fine over a faulty brake light on his Ford Fiesta.

Caught on May 2, 2023, on the A1085 Trunk Road, Anthony Bailey, 50, of West Dyke Road, the offence was noted during a routine traffic patrol in Redcar and Cleveland.

Bailey was not present in court at the February 15 hearing in Teesside Magistrates Court.

In addition to the fine, Bailey was ordered to pay an £88 surcharge to fund victim services, alongside £85 in costs.

A Marton man, aged 66, was fined and banned from driving for speed violation in West Yorkshire.

Terrence Brown of Cambridge Avenue, Marton, Middlesbrough, was caught driving at a speed exceeding 30mph on a restricted road on December 20, 2022.

The offence took place on the A629 Huddersfield Road, opposite Limes Avenue in Halifax.

Attending Teesside Magistrates' Court, in Middlesbrough, on February 15, 2024, Brown pleaded guilty to the offence.

Brown was fined £40, ordered to pay a £16 victim surcharge, and £85 in costs, bringing the total to £141.

He was also disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence for six months due to repeat offending and his driving record was endorsed with three penalty points.

Ben Hatfield, of Queen Street, Carlin How, Saltburn, was fined £150 after pleading guilty to a charge of driving his Skoda at 53mph in a 30mph zone on Saltburn Road, Brotton.

The 21-year-old was not in custody and did not appear at the hearing at Teesside Magistrates' Court on February 15.

The offence took place on May 14, 2023, according to the court listing from Andrew Howard, Clerk to the Justices at Teesside Magistrates Court.

Hatfield was instructed to pay a victim surcharge of £60 and costs of £85, totalling a sum of £295.

Rachael Hodgman, 31, of Bowes Road, Billingham, faced a fine of £406 for driving through the same road despite having no valid insurance for her vehicle.

She committed the offence on May 23, 2023, and the case was brought before the Teesside Magistrates' Court, though Hodgman was not present.

The court imposed her fine on February 15, 2024, after it took into account her guilty plea on December 20 the previous year.

In addition to the fine, she was ordered to pay a surcharge of £162 to fund victim services and costs of £85, amassing to a total balance of £653 to be settled by March 14, 2024.

Mark Anthony Doyle, 52, of Lanchester Road, Middlesbrough, was required by the police to provide driver identification relating to an alleged offence committed in Leicester on August 3, 2023. 

Instead, Doyle, who appeared in front of the Teesside Magistrates' Court, remained silent.


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This refusal led to a fine of £660, issued on February 15, 2024, in addition to a surcharge of £264 to fund victim services.

He was also ordered to pay costs of £85, making for a total penalty of £1,009. 

Adding to his woes, Doyle found himself slapped with a six-month driving disqualification, due to repeat offending, and an endorsement on his driving record.