A devious five-year-old Golden Retriever has officially been crowned the ‘muckiest pup’ in Britain.

In the first ever ‘Mucky Pet Awards,’ Golden Retriever Obi saw off hundred of other dogs to snatch the title.

The Hexham, Northumberland pooch impressed the judges with his “mischievous spirit and love for muddy adventures that showcased the essence of the unique accolade.”

The awards, organised by Dr Beckmann come ahead of National Love Your Pet Day on February 20.

Obi was entered into the competition by his owner, Susan who isn’t bothered by his naughty behaviour.

“I think it’s hilarious most of the time," she said.

“Except there was one time that he found himself exploring a drainage pipe, it’s fair to say that’s not an experience I want to relive.”

The Northern Echo: Obi the Golden Retriever.Obi the Golden Retriever. (Image: PR)

“Obi is without a doubt the muckiest pup around, Dr. Beckmann couldn’t have picked a more worthy winner. Getting muddy is his favourite thing to do and he gets himself into a right state almost every time he leaves the house.”

As winner of the competition, Obi was awarded with a £250 voucher and a personalised Pet Stain and Odour Remover by Dr Beckmann’s. He also won a professional photoshoot to capture his muckiest moments.

Five other pooches were also recognised for their muckiness, awarded with their own prizes.

Natasha Brook from Dr. Beckmann said: "We’re thrilled to announce Obi as the first Dr. Beckmann Mucky Pet Award winner. Obi's mischievous spirit and love for muddy adventures captured our hearts and showcased the essence of the unique accolade.

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“Obi's triumph celebrates the delightful chaos that comes with having a lovable messy companion.”

The award follows research by the cleaning product brand into the five cleanest and muckiest breeds, based on a survey of pet owner.

Top Five Cleanest Dog Breeds:

5. Dachshund
4. Poodle
3. Beagle
2. Shih Tzu
1. Chihuahua

Top Five Messiest Dog Breeds:

5. Cocker Spaniel
4. Bulldog
3. German Shepherd
2. Great Dane
1. Labrador