Viewers who tuned into a popular BBC travel programme over the last few days may have been surprised to see a County Durham beauty spot feature.

Those who were watching BBC's Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes, which showcases the North East in its entirety and highlights the natural beauty, spotted the familiar sight of Pow Hill Country Park in County Durham.

Set just next to Derwent Reservoir, the park is known for its breath-taking views and incredible nature - with people seeing butterflies, squirrels and adders. 

In the episode, Robson Green explored all that Pow Hill had to offer - and explored next to Derwent Reservoir and its crystal clear water. 

BBC's Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes has been highly popular since first appearing on our screens, with Robson joined by celebrities, as they try the unique, popular and very obscure around the North East region. 

While there have been stunning sights from Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and County Durham on the show before, the featuring of Pow Hill certainly got a perfect reaction from viewers. 

Sharing their thoughts online after the show aired, one person said: "I loved seeing the familiar sight of Pow Hill - I went walking there this morning and I'm seeing it on my TV screen this afternoon," while another person added: "We are so lucky to live in such a wonderful place."

With viewers hailing Pow Hill as an amazing place, Durham County Council also got in on the act too - posting about Robson Green stopping by - while also noting how special the country park was.

A post by the council on its social media page read: "Did you see our beautiful Pow Hill Country Park on BBC’s Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes?

"Set in moorland, overlooking the Derwent Reservoir, the park is a site of special scientific interest, only given to the best wildlife habitats, for specialised plants found in the bog.


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"It boasts moorland heather and coniferous woodland. It’s home to red squirrels, adders and the rare hairstreak butterfly."

The post went on to note that people who did visit would need to respect the nature there and follow set paths. 

The post added: "If you are tempted to visit, make sure to stick to designated walking routes and keep your dogs under close control. Be mindful of all of the wonderful wildlife in this beautiful gem nestled in the North West of the county and do not feed the birds and animals."