A couple have been shamed for allegedly eating a romantic pre-Valentine's meal, before escaping the venue without settling up their bill. 

Bosses at the restaurant have released footage of the pair of alleged ‘bill dodgers’, who are seen running to get a taxi allegedly without paying for their meal.

The footage shows the moment the pair accused of the 'dine and dash' have a romantic meal at a Thai restaurant before jumping into a taxi and leaving the restaurant.

Staff at The Copperstone in Middlesbrough have been left angered after two customers visited the Linthorpe restaurant – and allegedly left without paying.

The Northern Echo: One half of the couple who are accused of the 'dine and dash'One half of the couple who are accused of the 'dine and dash' (Image: THE COPPERSTONE)

The venue said they had checked CCTV and could see the couple “running down the road and getting into a taxi” after enjoying their food.

After checking the CCTV, the venue has posted a video of the pair online in the hope they can identify them, however, The Copperstone has not shared what the couple had to eat, or how much the bill came to.

However, a statement said the pair both enjoyed food and drinks before they “forgot” to settle the bill for their meal out. 

The footage of the incident can be found here.

A statement from The Copperstone online says: "These two lovely people came in for what looked like a romantic meal at The Copperstone.


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"They ordered food and drink as normal and obviously wanted to get home - only they forgot to pay."

The statement goes on to say that the restaurant has the contact details of the couple but couldn't contact them.

In a bid to try and find them - the footage has now been released.